University of Oregon, Department of Biology, Ph.D., 1978

University of Michigan, Department of Botany, M.S., 1974

Antioch College, B.A., 1970

Positions Held

University of Copenhagen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Professor, 1998-; 

   Associate Professor, 1996-98

Beijing Normal University, Adjunct Professor, 2014-

Lanzhou University, Adjunct Professor, 2012-

National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis, Sabbatical Fellow, 2007-08

Swarthmore College, Department of Biology, Professor, 1992-96; Chairman, 1990-92; 

    Associate Professor, 1984-92; Assistant Professor, 1978-84 

Harvard University, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Bullard Fellow, 1994-95

Research Center Jülich, Working Group in Theoretical Ecology, Visiting Scientist, 1992-93

University of Basel, Botanical Institute, Visiting Scientist, 1990

Imperial College at Silwood Park, Department of Biology, Visiting Scholar, 1989-90

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1985

University College of North Wales, School of Plant Biology, Visiting Researcher, 1981-82

Harvard University, Gray Herbarium, Visiting Scientist, 1981

Eastern Oregon State College, Instructor, 1977

City of New York, Department of Air Pollution Control, Research Assistant, 1970-71

Professional Societies

Botanical Society of America

British Ecological Society

Ecological Society of America

European Weed Research Society

International Association for Vegetation Science

Grants and Awards

Distinguished Fellow of the Botanical Society of America, 2016

ISI Highly Cited Researcher, original member, 2001-

Danish Natural Science Research Council, “Constant Final Yield of Plant Communities", 2015-2018

EU 7th Framework Program Collaborative Project, 

    "Optimising Subsidiary Crop Applications in Rotations", 2012-2016

Knight's Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog, 2011

University of Copenhagen, Program of Excellence, 

    “Evolutionary Agroecology: Developing High Density, Communal Crop Plants for Weed 

    Suppression and Increased Sustainability”, 2008-2013

Danish Environmental Protection Agency, “Increasing the Suppression of Weeds by Cereal Crops 

    through Increased Crop Spatial Uniformity and Density”, 2007-2009

U.S. National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Sabbatical Fellowship, 2007-2008

Danish Natural Science Research Council, “The Allometry of Reproductive Allocation in Annual 

    Plants”, 2005-2008

Danish Agricultural and Veterinary Research Council, “Population Density, Spatial Structure and 

    Weed Suppression by Cereal Crops”, 2001-2004

Danish Strategic Environmental Research Program, “Environmental Consequences of Transgenic 

    Disease-Resistant Crop Plants”, 1997-2000

Roche Research Foundation, Switzerland - Research Grant, 1995-97

Harvard University, Bullard Fellowship, 1994-95

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)  - German Study Grant, 1992

Roche Research Foundation, Switzerland - Visiting Scientist Award, 1990

Fulbright Scholar Program - Grant-in-Aid Award, 1989-90

U.S. National Science Foundation,  “Competition, Herbivory and Size Variability in Plant 

    Populations,” 1989-90

Swarthmore College, Lang Faculty Fellowship, 1989-90

U.S. National Science Foundation, Research Opportunity Award, 1990

U.S. National Science Foundation, “Size Distributions, Competition and Allometry in 

    Impatiens pallida Populations,” 1986-89

Research Corporation, Cottrell College Science Grant, 1984-85

Smithsonian Institution, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1984-85

Swarthmore College, Mellon Faculty Fellowship, 1981-82

U.S. National Science Foundation, Research Opportunity Award, 1981

U.S. National Institutes of Health, Systems Biology Training Grant, 1977-78

Sigma Xi, Grant-in-Aid of Research, 1977

Publication Statistics

121 refereed publications in international peer-reviewed journals (13 sole author, 22 first author)

9 book chapters/invited papers (7 sole author)

4 papers in conference proceedings, 2 book reviews, 4 popular articles, 

    1 government agency report, 46 published abstracts in symposia/conference volumes

Over 8400 citations in ISI Core Collection of international journals

    H-Index = 45 (ISI Web of Science database)     

    Over 14,000 total citations, H-Index = 55 (Google Scholar)

    Individual H-index, based on citations per author = 31 (Web of Science), 38 (Google Scholar) 

Symposia, Conferences and Seminars

24 invited symposia at international conferences, 1983-

25 contributed papers at international conferences, 1979-

over 110 invited seminars at universities and research institutes, 1980-

Numerous international research workshops

Professional Service

Associate Editor, Ecology, 2004-

Chairman, Scientific Council, Center for Ecological Research, 

    Polish Academy of Sciences, 2007-2013

Associate Editor, Journal of Ecology, 1996-2006

Manuscript reviewer for over 70 international scientific journals, 1979-

Member of numerous Ph.D. evaluation committees in Europe

Proposal reviewer for numerous granting agencies in the U.S., Canada and Europe, 1979-

Courses taught

Ecology, Plant Ecology, Systematic Botany, Evolutionary Biology, General Biology, 

    General Botany, Environmental Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystems Ecology, 

    Applied Ecology, Climate Change

Tutorials in Population Genetics, Biostatistics, Environmental Studies, Forest Ecology, 

    Tropical Ecology

Short courses in Plant Competition, Scientific Publication

Institutional Service

University of Copenhagen / Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (1996-)

Copenhagen Plant Science Center Lecture, 2015

Chairman of numerous Ph.D. Assessment Committees, 1999-

Theme Leader, Copenhagen Plant Science Center, 2011-2014

University Green Services (Fields, Gardens and Glasshouses Committees), 2005-2010

Department Research Committee, 1999-2003, 2007, 2010-2011, 2015-

Research Funding Network 2007

Ecology and Environmental Science Course Committee, 2004-2005

Board of the Center for Ecology and Environment, 1998-2002

Ecology Committee for Forestry Education, 1998-99

Ecology Committee for Horticulture Education, 1998-99, 2002-05

Ecology Course Committee, Department of Ecology, 1999-2000

Numerous academic search and evaluation committees, 1999-

Swarthmore College (1978-96)

Chairman, Department of Biology, 1990-92

Chairman, Environmental Studies Program, 1991-96

Membership on 27 College committees, 1979-96

Curator, Swarthmore College Herbarium, 1978-96

College-wide lectures/presentations, 1980, 1982, 1986, 1991, 1996